10 Questions Worth Asking

The media should play a neutral role, but instead behaves more like a military choir for the State of Israel. Here are 10 point-blank questions worth asking:

1. In the last 73 years, how much media spotlight has been shone on the disproportional range of weapons being used in Israel e.g., fighter jets, tanks, armoured vehicles, helicopters, battleships, automatic weapons, rifles equipped with silencers, high velocity live ammunition, tear gas, chemical weapons, artillery bombs & iron dome, etc., versus “weapons” used in Palestine e.g., molotov cocktails, rocks, balloons & rockets, etc.,?

2. While rockets attacks are no doubt terrifying for the civilian population in Israel, why are cluster bombs that contain multiple explosive submunitions, or smart precision-guided weapons containing up to 1000 kg or more of explosives not appropriately singled out and condemned for their terror on the civilian population of Gaza, and magnitude of damage on civilian and public infrastructure in Gaza?

3. In the last 15 years alone (2006-2021) across 5 conflicts between Israel and Gaza, 3165 Palestinian civilians and 31 Israeli civilians (click here for sources) have been been killed, according to human rights groups and NGOs. That’s a ratio of 1:102. If this isn’t a genocide, what is?

4. The International Humanitarian Law (IHL) states wars of national liberation is a protected and essential right of occupied people everywhere. It also affirms the right of the occupied people to seek and receive support in their struggles. (Source: Protocol additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the protection of victims of international armed conflict (Protocol 1), 6 June 1977). Therefore:

Don’t the Palestinians, as an occupied indigenous persons, have the right to resist their occupier in every way possible including armed struggle? 

5. Do rockets in Israel and air strikes in Gaza represent a dangerous escalation in a cycle of violence or the attack on peaceful worshippers praying at a mosque, attack of unarmed protestors as a result, the ongoing illegal occupation in the West Bank and East Jerusalem by Israel, the debilitating blockade of Gaza, etc., are more likely some of key underlying reasons for the periodic escalation between Israel and the Palestinians?

6. Why is the Palestinian dispossession often framed as an Israel-Palestine “conflict”, as if the warring parties were equal in political, economic and military strength – when one side has so much more power than the other?

It is occupier versus the occupied. A military power versus a resistance.

7. Why is the Palestinian dispossession often framed as “complex” when the 73-year old injustices are anything but, as per volumes of reports published by human rights groups, legal defence organisations, independent NGOs and charities? Click here for a list of human rights NGOs that regularly condemn Israel, in plain simple english. Either they are all collectively lying or Israel is. In the end, there is nothing “complex” about what is wrong with the Israel-Palestine issue. Click here for our take.

8. If direct and indiscriminate attacks against civilians were prohibited by international humanitarian law, and any attack must be proportionate, and all necessary precautions must be taken to avoid civilian casualties, and public utilities and infrastructure (e.g., water, sewage, electricity, etc.,), should not be damaged, what can be done at the international level to ensure these norms are enforced and violations swiftly taken to court, or at the very least, glaring media spotlight put on these war crimes?

Click here for a list of public infrastructure damage (read “indictable war crimes”) Israel has caused in Gaza between 2006-2021 (notes 1-5)

9. Why do we implicate certain countries for unlawful killings, labelling them massacres and genocide and walk on eggs shells with others?

10. Would it have been acceptable to do business with Apartheid South Africa, Nazi Germany or even present-day North Korea? Then why do we turn a blind eye to apartheid Israel?

This is not a spat, war or conflict between two groups of people. This is about 73 years of institutionalised Israeli military rule.

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