15 Facts About Israel

A ceasefire between Israel & Gaza does not mean everything is fine. Gaza is still under a debilitating blockade. Meanwhile, Palestinians in the West Bank & East Jerusalem are living in an apartheid and an illegal occupier state.

1. Five million+ Palestinians in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Arab Israelis, are suffering under Israeli apartheid, the illegal occupation, and brutal colonial control of Israel. Every other narrative is a whitewash.

2. The State of Israel holds the world record (or is near the top) for violating and/or continually ignoring the largest number of UN resolutions, Security Council resolutions, ICJ rulings and Geneva Conventions.

3. Nine countries have nuclear weapons and 4 countries (India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel) have refused to become signatories to the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Treaty, or pledge to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. India and Pakistan meanwhile, have publicly disclosed their nuclear weapons programme while two rogue states (Israel and North Korea) have opted for “nuclear ambiguity”.

4. Israel came into being in 1948 after destroying over 530+ villages; expelling over 750,000+ Palestinian people overnight; and killing thousands of Palestinian Christians and Muslims since.

5. Israel began with the ethnic cleansing of nearly 80 percent of Palestine in 1948, expanded with the imposition of harsh military rule on the Palestinian minority in Israel (1948-67), and then continued with the occupation of the remaining 22 percent of the land in 1967.

6. Israel has a very successful high-tech industry and a powerful military but a key fact is that the State of Israel was formed by dispossessing another people, pure and simple. There are no two ways to argue against this i.e., moral legitimacy (or rather, illegitimacy) of present-day Israel.

7. The United States has vetoed over 53 Security Council resolutions critical of Israel over the last 50 years.

8. No Israeli government has ever genuinely tried the one thing that everybody knows will bring longterm peace: Give back the land! (unconditionally)

9. Palestinian houses (130,000 structures since 1948) in West Bank and East Jerusalem have been, and are still being arbitrarily demolished by Israel today, displacing tens of thousands of Palestinians.

10. The Arab population (Israeli citizens and passport holders) in present-day Israel are subjected to at least 65 blatantly racist Israeli laws against non-Jews living in present-day Israel.

11. Palestinians living under occupation in the West Bank and East Jerusalem have to put up with a wide range of segregation policies, laws and regulations: one for Palestinians living under apartheid & military occupation and the other for the illegal Israeli settlers they live right next to.

12. Between 500-700 Palestinian children (some as young as 12) are illegally detained by Israel each year, according to human rights groups and NGOs.

13. There are over 700 checkpoints, road gates, earth mounds, roadblocks, trenches, earth walls, etc., Palestinians have to go through – none of which Israeli settlers have to put up with.

14. Israel has used chemical weapons on civilians and has attacked aid convoys killing aid workers carrying aid supplies into Gaza.

15. Gaza is still under a crippling blockade by Israel.

Anyone who can disprove these 15 points above can claim a US$10,000 cash payment.

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