2023: Emergency Appeal

For years before Hamas launched its jaw-dropping operation against Israel on 7 October, the world was mute and blind to:

  • near daily assaults of Palestinians in Al-Aqsa
  • building and expansion of illegal settlements
  • demolition of Palestinian homes
  • detention and murder of Palestinian children and teenagers
  • extrajudicial killings of Palestinians in broad daylight
  • night raids into homes located in Occupied Palestinians Territories
  • periodic bombings on civilian infrastructure in Gaza
  • 17 years of blockade, sanctions and siege of Gaza
  • 56 years of illegal occupation of West Bank & East Jerusalem
  • seizing of Palestinian lands
  • unrestrained settler violence against Palestinians
  • violation of UN Resolutions, ICJ Rulings and Geneva Conventions

When the tables turn on 7-8 October, the world suddenly found the abhorring violence Israel endured – incomprehensible and shocking, terror and violence Palestinians endure near daily.

8 Dec (9:30am): In the words of a Gazan, “If the bombs don’t kill us, the hunger, thirst, lack of medicine, the cold will”. Homeless Gazans are staying in makeshift nylon tents to protect against rain and cold (16C/61F). With well over 110,000+ confirmed cases of diarrhoea, gastrointestinal and respiratory infections across Gaza, experts fear typhoid, cholera, and measles outbreaks could be looming next. All sanitation services have ceased. Without fuel, it is not possible to pump clean water or clear waste accumulating in the streets, a public health catastrophe. Doctors, nurses, medics, rescue and charity workers are 110% exhausted. With bombs raining down from land, air and sea, there is an indescribable sense of tension, sorrow and fear in the air. Women and children are either covered in blood and dirt or those injured or killed are being carried by men on their backs or on mattresses. In the last 60 days or since 7/10, 3313+ trucks have entered Gaza, the equivalent of 6 days’ worth of aid for Gaza prior to 7/10. We have collectively failed Palestinians. We have lost our humanity. thegazafund.com

2 Dec (3:30pm): At 7am on 1 Dec, Israel decided to resume bombing Gaza with full strength. Israel has also stopped the entry of all aid trucks into Gaza. Hundreds of trucks are currently piling up at the Rafah border, waiting for clearance. In total,  800 aid trucks were able to enter Gaza during the 7-day truce, according to UNRWA. Prior to 10/10, over 500+ trucks used to enter Gaza, daily. Like in previous wars, thousands of unexploded ordinance are likely to be on the streets, according to a mine action charity in Gaza. South Gaza was bombed heavily yesterday. In the last 6 weeks, north Gaza was largely levelled to the ground. There is no safety anywhere in Gaza. For now, we will not be sending any aid to Gaza via El Arish (Egypt) until borders reopen at Rafah (Egypt). Every charity worker in Gaza is seeking shelter and praying their aid supply stored for distribution in Gaza is not bombed to bits. thegazafund.com

AID TRUCKS: As soon as aid trucks to Gaza from El Arish (Egypt) located an hour away from Rafah arrive at the Gaza-Rafah border in Egypt, they are told to travel south to Nitzana (Negev Desert, Israel) border where everything is offloaded, sniffed, screened, and inspected before crossing back into Egyptian territory. The entire shipment is then sent back to the Rafah-Gaza border in Egypt, where everything is checked again before it is allowed to enter Gaza. This new 100km trip means up to 20+ hours delay per truck. Only 2,000 aid trucks have entered Gaza, or an average of 30 trucks/day (not enough for even 5% of Gaza’ daily needs) since 10/10.

29 Nov (12:15pm): Around 400 trucks have entered Gaza since the “pause”, some for the very 1st time in north Gaza & Gaza city in 52 days or since 10/10, according to PRCS but the shipment of clean water is barely enough for 15% of the population. The other 85%+ will just have to keep waiting.  South Gaza (close to Rafah border) is also in very bad shape. Demand for water, gas and food is outstripping aid supply 10:1. Palestinians are burning doors, furniture and window frames to cook, according to UN. Whole families are surviving on flat bread cooked on scavenged metal sheets over open fires. The cost of food has shot up: food (10%+); vegetables (32%+); wheat flour (65%+). water (100%+), according to PCBS. Overall according to World Food Programme, Gaza is at the cusp of famine. UNHCR/UNRWA, Islamic Relief & Palestinian Red Crescent are 3 most active charities in Gaza while many small charities including ours are operating in small pockets across Gaza. The extended “pause” will end on 30/11 @ 7am, but must be turned into a permanent ceasefire before the catastrophe is made worse. thegazafund.com

23 Nov (10:45am): Day 48: With 14,532+ Palestinians killed (including 6,000+ children and 3,920+ women), 1.7m+ people out of 2.3m population in Gaza are now internally displaced, according to UNRWA. 1 million+ children are forever traumatised with many unsure about a future without their parents. Most bakeries and wheat mills are largely shut. Hospitals are largely non-operational. Local markets have nothing to sell while farmers and fishermen have ceased activities. Waterborne illnesses (cholera and typhoid) are also spreading (HRW). The telecoms/internet blackout in the last 2 weeks has also helped Israel shield itself from mounting criticism. Once the “humanitarian pause” comes into effect, it is hoped aid convoys (reportedly 400 trucks containing food, water, medicines and restricted fuel) will enter Gaza, both in the south and hopefully in the north since almost nothing has entered north Gaza in 45 days. Israel says fuel will be restricted only for water and sanitation works, and not for hospitals, a huge problem for the people of Gaza. While there are a large number of small active charities in Gaza, UNHCR, Islamic Relief and Palestine Red Crescent remain the most active but maintain the 4-day “pause” will be good for nothing if it can’t be turned into a truce, or permanent ceasefire. thegazafund.com

Cooked meals for displaced Palestinians at a UNHCR school in Gaza

16 Nov (1pm): No one is able to provide/confirm an updated death toll in Gaza for 5 straight days now (since 12 Nov: 11,078 killed). With no electricity, limited wi-fi, very strict control over movement of media, charity workers, first responders and paramedics, no one is there to document war crimes being committed. 22 of out 36 hospitals are non-functional (Source: WHO). The lives of 2,000+ cancer patients are at risk. Many patients previously on life support and babies in incubators are now likely dead. All desalination and wastewater treatment plants, public sewage pumping stations and pumps have stopped working (Source: UNRWA). 95% of bakeries are closed. Many meals are cooked on fire after scavenging wood/furniture from homes bombed. There is no clean water, fuel and medical supplies. There are record number of undocumented cases of respiratory infections and diarrhoea in Gaza right now. 850 aid trucks have entered in 35+ days. Prior to 9/10, 500+ trucks used to enter, daily. Most of these trucks belong to UNHCR, Islamic Relief and Palestine Red Crescent, 3 most active charities in Gaza. There are many other charities too – but most like us handle medium to small projects like cooked meals, since it is incredibly difficult to send money into Gaza right now. The bombings, territorial encroachment, occupation needs to end, now. thegazafund.com

7 Nov (9am): 10,000+ Palestinians have been killed in 1 month, including over 4000+ children. (Note: 44% of the 2.3m population is under the age of 14). Every hour – 42 bombs are dropped, 12 buildings destroyed, 15 people are killed or 1 child every 10 minutes, according to Al Jazeera. The next target for Israel appears to be water tanks and solar panels. 800,000+ Palestinians are taking refuge at schools and hospitals, sleeping along the corridors, waiting rooms and in the courtyard, according to UN-OCHA. People whose homes are bombed are using their bare hands to remove rubble and look for survivors. 2200+ people are believed trapped or missing under rubble. Some rescuers are using donkey carts to rush patients to hospitals. At hospitals, fridges used to keep bodies are no longer working. Some emergency surgeries are performed on the ground and without anaesthesia. Patients with burns cannot be treated properly as there are no means to keep hospital equipment clean. 42 babies in incubators, 57 patients dependent on kidney dialysis machines and 62 patients on artificial ventilation are at great risk, or have died. The health ministry has confirmed a dozen cancer patients have also died since key hospitals started shutting down. Out of 20 bakeries, 11 have been bombed and only 9 are in service but will soon shut down soon due to fuel shortages. Less than 500 aid trucks has entered Gaza since 10 October. Prior to this, 750-850 trucks used to enter daily, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society therefore, the current aid is not even enough for 5% of Gaza. Whatever anyone is doing, including we at The Gaza Fund are doing is galaxies from enough. thegazafund.com

1 Nov (12:30pm): Relentless bombing. With 8,600+ killed including 3500+ children, every single family knows someone who has been killed. Unknown number missing under the rubble. Israel is using the periodic telecoms/internet blackout to blitz Gaza to bits. With limited media coverage, Israel is hoping to reduce global solidarity towards Gaza. Both, large and small aid agencies are struggling to stay in touch with their workers in Gaza. Over 100+ medics, rescue and charity volunteers have also been killed. Only 217 trucks (containing canned fish, food parcels containing pasta, wheat flour, canned tomato paste and canned beans) have entered Gaza in 24 days. People are drinking sea water. Hospitals are out of bed with patients treated on the floor. Fuel is urgently needed to generate electricity, power hospitals, restart water and sewage works. The situation has truly gone from very bad to desperate. The Gaza Fund (with very limited supplies) is currently offering cooked meals for families taking shelter at a UNHCR-backed school. thegazafund.com

27 Oct (9am): Since 10 October, 74+ trucks containing food parcels, medicines and water bottles have entered Gaza, (compared to 500+ aid trucks that used to enter daily, prior to the attack). While grateful, people in Gaza are asking “How to cook rice, lentils and pasta with no water, fuel & gas? Large charities like UNRWA, Islamic Relief, and Palestine Red Crescent and a few others seem better organised. Others like us are trying hard but with borders still shut and bank transfers still a challenge, cooked food is near impossible. Oxfam says, starvation is being used as a “weapon of war” in Gaza. Gazans urgently need water, medicine and electricity (to power hospitals and desalinate water). More Palestinians have died in the last 19 days than in the past 15 years combined, according to UN-OCHA. With a prior cash balance of US$11,000 before the attacks, we have thus far spent US$5,000+ on emergency cash relief to displaced persons. We now have a cash balance of US$6,000 on the ground. We are finding ways to send the balance US$15,000+, asap. thegazafund.com

21 Oct (5pm): 20 trucks (a PR stunt by Israel) passed into Gaza on 21 October with NGOs calling it a “drop in the ocean”. Before 7 October, 500+ trucks carrying aid would enter Gaza each day, according to the UN. The aid shipment included 44,000 bottles of drinking water, enough for 22,000 people for one day, a tiny fraction of the more than 2.3 million people who live in Gaza, according to UNICEF & WFP. Meanwhile, the bombing campaign remains intense, with over 4,200+ Palestinians killed (including at least 1661+ children), as of 21 October. Sending money into Gaza also remains impossible. Borders are tight shut. Most charity workers are currently engaged in emergency search and relief, pulling people out of rubble and taking them to the nearest medical facility. With no water, electricity or fuel, 130+ premature babies on incubators and 100s of ICU patients are at risk. Cholera and other water-borne diseases is another threat, according to UNDP, UNFPA and WHO. thegazafund.com

13 Oct (5pm): The purpose of this appeal is to buy supplies, medicines, food aid packs, and hand out cash aid. However, the borders are tight shut in Gaza. Shops, banks, schools & offices are also largely closed. For now, there is no possible way of sending money into Gaza. Only large charities with a prior cash balance in Gaza are doing things on the ground and even then, the scale is at less than 10% capacity. We at The Gaza Fund have US$11,000 parked in cash in Gaza for emergency relief, and are able to mobilise this right away, but our #1 priority is the safety of all of our volunteers and their families – as the bombings are random, incessant, and highly dangerous. Based on reports on the ground, most charity workers are currently engaged in emergency search and relief, pulling people out of rubble and taking them to the nearest medical facility. When things quiet down, charities & NGOs will restart cash aid distribution, and provide other forms of relief. thegazafund.com

To help the people of Gaza, please donate:

Previous Cash Balance5,700Sadaqah
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Axi Mxxxm (US$100)7806/12Online
Sxxxxd Axxxd1,0007/12Sadaqah

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by The Gaza Fund

Source: Health Ministry Gaza, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, UNRWA, Reporters Without Borders, IDF; Updated – 24/11/2023