Videos on Israel-Palestine

1 hour+ worth of videos (25 short videos) from divergent range of experts, activists, award-winning journalists, Jews, Christians and Palestinians providing insights and opinion on the fractured history when it comes to the issue of Israel-Palestine.

Presented in digestible bits, we hope you will find this section useful.

History of Israel-Palestine

What is Nakba? (The forced expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians in 1948) Duration: 3 Mins

What is Zionism? Duration: 3:15 Mins

On the absurdity of claiming land in Palestine belongs to the descendants of the children of Israel. Duration: 0.54 Seconds

Golda Meir, Israel’s former Prime Minister on her origins as a Palestinian Duration: 0.20 Seconds

International Activists fighting for Palestine

A short video by a human rights activists from Sweden on the brutality of Israeli regime Duration: 2:50 Mins

A grandchild of Holocaust survivors on the true face of Israel Duration: 3:48 Mins

Sparks of support from Qatar

The issue is not Hamas (founded in 1984). The issue are the injustices against Palestinians that pre-dates Hamas Duration: 2:16 Mins

Making peace with Israel

A tale of history of “peace accords” with Israel and the ever elusive peace Duration: 5:16 Mins

What Jews say about the State of Israel

There is nothing in the Jewish scripture that calls for a need for a political capital Duration: 7:18 Mins

Jews condemning Israel while supporting Palestine Duration: 2:08 Mins

Ireland stands with Palestine

Niall Collins, Irish Senator on the need for legislation to boycott Israeli products Duration: 1:55 Mins

How Air BnB,, Expedia, TripAdvisor, etc., enable Israel’s illegal occupation

Why do online travel websites promote internationally recognised illegal settlements? Duration: 2:58 Mins

There are over 440 illegal settlements, controlling over 80% of the water supply in the West Bank Duration: 2:47 Mins

When truth is spoken

What do Palestinians in Gaza have & Why are they fighting back? Duration: 1:32 Mins

A powerful call for change by a member of the UK Labour Party Duration: 2:34 Mins

George Galloway on what right did Britain have on granting Jews someone’s else country? Duration: 6:48 Mins

IDF: The world’s most immoral army

Empire Files interview with an Ex-IDF soldier (Breaking the Silence) Duration: 2:05 Mins

Viewpoint from Palestine

Plea from a 10-year old from Gaza to Israel to stop bombing civilian infrastructure Duration: 1:19 Mins

Palestinians in Gaza searching through the rubbles of their homes after Israeli air strikes. Duration: 3:16 Mins

Attacks on Israeli civilians (who have access to bunkers) is tragic but what about civilians in Gaza? Duration: 2:29 Mins

What Christians have to say about Israel

Palestinian Orthodox Christian from Galilee on resisting the Israeli occupation and apartheid Duration: 1:37 Mins

US TV Anchor Rick Wiles on why Americans can’t criticise Israel Duration: 1:52 Mins

Manufacturing Hate

Look who’s chanting “Death to the Arabs” Duration: 1:34 Mins

What they teach the young in (some) Israeli schools Duration: 1:09 Mins

What is AL-AQSA?

Footage of Israeli soldiers attacking peaceful worshippers praying at Al-Aqsa with tear gas during Ramadan 2021 Duration: 2:17 Mins

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