25 Ways to Help Palestine

By The Gaza Fund

We can march, protests, condemn, send WhatsApp messages, tweet and post anti-Israel memes on social media platforms. Toothless organisations can issue resolutions while activists can cite the litany of Geneva conventions and ICJ rulings violated by apartheid Israel, but nothing ever seems to change.

But change will come, only if and when we unite and organise ourselves.

Meantime, what can we do apart from grumbling about Israel?

Here is a list of at least 25 things you can do NOW to effect change:

1. Make Dua for our brothers and sisters in Palestine;

2. Ask Allah to guide you what you can do to help;

3. Read up on Israel-Palestine. Click here;

4. Watch these short but powerful videos on Israel-Palestine. Click here;

5. Post, share, like or retweet videos on YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms that focuses on Israeli brutalities;

6. Over 96% of water is undrinkable in Gaza. Help sponsor advanced water filters across town. Click here for a list of 40+ charities active in Palestine;

7. With thousands of orphans, there are several options to help. For as little as HK$3,000 per year (£300 per year), you can sponsor an orphan, please click here; Else, click here for a list of 40+ charities active in Palestine for other similar options;

8. Rebuild homes, or buy medicines and medical supplies, or donate money for food or sponsor a family in Palestine. Click here for a list of 40+ charities active in Palestine and help them fund these and other projects;

9. Contact one of the 40+ charities and ask to become a local representative and help raise funds for Palestine in your own district, town or city. Click here for a list of 40+ charities active in Palestine;

10. Muslims can scream and cry foul all we want to, but no one ever seems to listen. Meanwhile, Oxfam, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, UNICEF, UNRWA and countless others have each – condemned the suffocating Gaza blockade and the illegal occupation of the West Bank by apartheid Israel.

Therefore, lets donate and support independent and unbiased research produced by global and local human rights groups.

Click here for a list of human rights groups, pro-Palestine Jewish groups and NGOs active in Israel and Palestine everyone ought to support;

11. China is very important to Israel – given how Europe is slowly realising they can’t turn a blind eye to ongoing Israeli injustices. If you read and write Cantonese or Mandarin, email Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, B’Tselem, etc., and offer to help translate their reports in your local language.

Click here for a list of human rights groups and NGOs active in Palestine;

12. Write to the International Criminal Court (ICC), Office of the Prosecutor, PO Box 19519, 2500, CM, The Hague, The Netherlands or email otp.informationdesk@icc-cpi.int;

13. If you are in the U.S or U.K or elsewhere, write to your Member of Parliament or Member of Congress. Remind them of their international obligations and ask them to take firm measures to end the illegal occupation of Palestine, rather than just issue a cycle of empty statements. As more people write to their governments, they will have no choice but to take the issue a bit more seriously;

14. There are at least 10 global companies that are unashamedly operating within the illegal settlements (Occupied Palestinian Territories) in Israel today. The names are from an official list published by the UN Human Rights Office.

The 10 companies are: Travel websites’ promoting properties in the illegal settlements i.e., AirBnB, Expedia, Tripadvisor & Booking.com; Surveillance technology and checkpoint equipment i.e., HP & Motorola Solutions; Construction machinery & bulldozers i.e., Caterpillar & Hyundai; & Large manufacturers i.e., General Mills Inc. (USA), & Indorama Ventures P.C.L. (Thailand).

In the case of General Mills, there are at least 6 leading brands that are popularly known and widely sold. These may or may not be produced within the settlements but these 6 global brands are core to General Mills’ underlying profitability. They are: Old El Paso; Haagen Daz; Pillsbury; Nature Valley; Yoplait Yogurt & Cheerios cereals.

Lead a grassroots campaign encouraging masses to boycott these global brands. Click here for details;

15. Lead a grassroots campaign, encouraging the masses to boycott at least 3 global Israel brands (Fiverr, WiX & Ahava Cosmetics). The founders of both, Wix & Fiverr are ex-IDF soldiers or alumni of the elite army intelligence unit, called 8200. Click here for details;

16. In 2020, U.A.E formally recognised Israel, betraying the 70+ year Palestinian struggle, in exchange of diplomatic favours and advanced U.S weapons. Lead a grassroots campaign, encouraging especially Muslims to boycott prominent U.A.E brands such as Emirates, Etihad, Aramex & DP World, etc..

Put simply, we should “United Against Enablers” (U.A.E). Click here for details;

17. The following list include websites of companies that promote properties in the illegal settlements or are websites belonging to leading global Israeli brands used to whitewash Israel’s global image.

The 7 websites are: AirBnB.com, Expedia.com, Tripadvisor.com & Booking.com, as well as Wix.com & Fiverr.com and Ahava Cosmetics. Lead a grassroots campaign, encouraging the masses to demand their Muslim-majority governments block these websites. Click here for details.

18. Write a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper;

19. Write and publish a blog or produce a vlog on your views on Israel-Palestine;

20. Start a fresh petition or sign and circulate existing online petition(s) on the Israel-Palestine;

21. Palestine Solidarity Campaigns are being launched everywhere. If you can’t find one near you (check here), start one on your own by organising events to raise awareness of the long list of human rights violations by Israel among members of the local public, trade unions and business people;

22. Join or launch a peaceful protest to your nearest U.S or Israel Embassy;

23. If taking part in protests is not your thing, organise a booth and handout leaflets to locals in your area. Apart from distributing leaflets, dish out dates, tea, balloons, etc.,;

24. Download, print and peacefully distribute this leaflet in your local community, district, town or city to raise awareness of Israel-Palestine in your community;

25. If you have a few friends that can help, plan and organise a an Israeli Apartheid Week (typically in March of each year), a weeklong series of events that can be put together at university campuses or street sidewalks, online, etc., to exhibit, showcase and highlight how much of an Apartheid Israel really is.

Click here for all the material and online tools that can be easily downloaded and used.

Unless we organise ourselves, speak and act with a united voice and body, the status quo will remain the same.

Source: http://www.thegazafund.com

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