#4 Sponsor Education

TARGET: HK$53,971 or US$7,000 or £5,000

1 Aug: We launched our 4th milestone project in Gaza, a four-year high impact project. We will identify Three bright Year 9 Secondary Students in Gaza and help them secure university scholarship.

6 Sept: After over 4 weeks, we have only been able to raise 62% of the amount – seeing how most people tend to prefer donating towards food aid, shelter & medicine, rather than education. As a result, we reached out to existing donors to offer a full refund.

6 Sept: An existing donor in Hong Kong volunteered to generously donate the remaining balance needed i.e., US$2706 (HK$21,000) to ensure this project goes ahead. Alhumdullilah, his donation alone accounts for 46% of the total funds raised. May Allah bless him and his family.

The Gaza Fund Aid Surplus1/81,936
M Kxxxl1/825.7
Axxxd Gxxxxr7/864.2
Wxxg HK Sxxxxa Jxxxxxxh7/8128.5
Cxxw Wxxg Cxxi7/864.2
Yxp Txn Yxn7/864.2
Sxxxxd Axxxd8/825.7
Yxxxg Sxu Kxxn11/864.2
Mx Sxu Fxxg Fxxxxxh11/8128.5
Lxu Sxu Hx11/864.2
HKWMA Mxxxxt Txxm11/864.2
Ixxxxd Axxxz12/864.2
Serving Islam Team14/853

20 Sept: Students in Gaza being interviewed and shortlisted for this project. We are aiming to finalise this by early October2021.

We will sponsor their extra-curricular studies to ensure they not only complete Y9-Y12 with flying colours, but also qualify for full international university scholarships, iA

We will start with Y9 this year and iA over the next four years, add 3+ students each year, aiming to sponsor 12 very bright students from Gaza in total.

By enabling 1 bright student, we can often empower 1 family in Gaza.

Note: All sponsors (large or small) will receive an annual progress report on these students.

Gaza has one of the highest literacy rates in the Middle East and graduates are often one of the region’s best qualified. It is time we enable Gaza students to complete their education unhindered and help them qualify for international university scholarships.

Also, unlike food, water and medicine, etc., (short term one-off projects), this is a long-term, high impact project.

#100% Donation Policy

#100% Transparency


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