Feed Families in Gaza

In early January 2022, we launched an appeal for feeding impoverished families in Gaza. In less than a week, we raised HK$9,000+ (or approximately US$1200 net).

By allocating US$200 per week, we are able to provide home cooked meals cooked by women in Gaza for 50-70 families and disadvantaged groups (or up to 300 persons) each week.

With US$1200 in hand, the plan is to run this for up to 6 consecutive Tuesdays (US$200 x 6 weeks) – or provide meals for up to 1800 persons.

Our end goal is to maximise our dollar spent and continue to empower local shops and women in Gaza at the helm of such soup kitchens.

To support this SADAQAH programme, contact us here.

Axxf Ixxxl8/1/2022HK$1,000
Axxm (US$40)10/1/2022HK$310

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