Active Charities in Gaza

There are a small number of high-profile and high-impact charities that are active in Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OpT), let alone across the Middle East.

For example, a leading organisation like UNRWA which manages large schools, clinics, and off-site camps is understandably going to have sizeable expenses given their enlarged footprint, impact, headcount, and infrastructure – while a small charity with for e.g., 2-3 volunteers may spend much smaller amounts on expenses, but in terms of scale, will also have a much smaller reach compared to UNRWA, Oxfam, etc.,

Nevertheless, the table below (non-exhaustive list) is meant to serve as a guide.

Each of these 45 charities/NGOs play a very important role in Gaza and the OpT, in their own way.

Given their history, reach, impact, commitment and achievements to-date, it is about delivering aid (with full accountability) which understandably, always costs money.

Ummah Welfare TrustRelief and development charity 100% Donation Policy
One NationRelief & Development charity100% Donation Policy
Islamic AidRelief and development charity 100% Donation Policy
Muslim Global ReliefAlleviating Poverty, Hunger & Providing Humanitarian Relief100% Donation Policy
One UmmahHumanitarian assistance around the world100% Donation Policy
Abdullah AidUK-based charity providing emergency relief100% Donation Policy
Donate for GazaHumanitarian assistance to refugees and other vulnerable communities in Palestine100% Donation Policy
SKT WelfarePoverty relief via water solutions, orphan care, food and medical aid100% Donation Policy
United Palestinian AppealAlleviate the suffering of Palestinians98% Donation Policy
Muslim HandsAn International Aid Agency and NGO0-10%
Muslim CharityDelivering aid and development programmes 0-12%
Islamic ReliefRespond rapidly to disasters and fight poverty4-13%
AneraEmergency relief in health, education and economic development6%
International Red Cross & Red Crescent MovementGlobal humanitarian network with extensive operations in West Bank & Gaza6.5%
Disasters Emergency Committee14 leading UK aid charities to raise funds quickly and efficiently7.3%
Children of PeaceNon-partisan approach working together with both Israeli and Palestinian children 9%
iF CharitySupport Palestinians through a variety of relief and development programmes10%
ActionAidActionAid works with women and girls10%
CAREWe save lives, defeat poverty, achieve social justice, and fight for women and girls10%
Medical Aid for PalestiniansImmediate medical aid to those in great need13%
Humanity InclusionAid against poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster14%
Save the ChildrenThe first global movement for children, focused on children, safety, education & health14%
Physicians for Human RightsHelp fight for the right to health for people living in the occupied territories and in Gaza15% (On Average)
SOS Children’s VillagesWork with children who have lost parental care, or are at the risk of losing it16%
Penny AppealHumanitarian emergencies, providing immediate and life-saving aid 17.84%
Middle East Children’s AllianceProtect the rights and improve the lives of children in the Middle East 18%
MÉDECINS SANS FRONTIÈRESAn international, independent medical humanitarian organisation19%
Human ConcernCanadian charity working to make an impact in peoples lives20%
Rebuilding AllianceAdvancing equal rights for the Palestinian people through education & advocacy20%
Oxfam InternationalMinimise poverty, fix water and sanitation problems and find solutions to food shortages30% (Please verify)
UNRWAProvide essentials for some 5.6 million registered Palestine refugeesRefer to Annual Report
Palestine Children’s Relief FundHelp fund free medical care for children in needRefer to Annual Report
Muslim AidHelp those affected by poverty, natural disaster and war; and empower them to thriveRefer to Annual Report
Human AppealNGO fighting against poverty, social injustice and natural disasterRefer to Annual Report
Global Relief TrustPoverty relief programmesRefer to Annual Report
Defense for Children International (Palestine)Charity focused on Palestinian children in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza StripRefer to Annual Report
Palestine International Medical Aid (PIMA)Charity founded by 4 medical doctors providing Palestinians with health care.
Arab Campaign for Education for All  Non-profit coalition focused on education in Arab countries, based in Ramallah, Palestine
Palestine Red Crescent SocietyMedical, humanitarian and relief services in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem
Baitulmaal USALife-saving aid to people around the world regardless of faith or nationality
American Friends Service CommitteeEncourages change in government policies that support inequality, the Israeli occupation, and denial of refugees’ rights.
Al-FakhooraScholarship Programmes for bright Palestinian students
Reach Education FundSponsor bright high school and college students and help fund/complete their studies
Al-Amal Institute for OrphansFund one of the oldest and largest orphanages in Gaza
Challenge to ChangeWomen empowerment group
Note: The expenses vary from country-to-country for charities with operations across the world


The costs of sending donations into Gaza are exploitatively high.

For example, if one were to send HK$2,000 into Gaza via PayPal, Western Union or MoneyGram, they will stealthily quote an FX rate that is approximately 4% higher than the official FX rate (HK-USD-Shekels). Next, they will charge approximately HK$150+ for the transfer, costing in total no less than 8%-12%, of the amount one is trying to send.

Put simply, for every US$100 sent into Gaza, Western Union, PayPal and others will unashamedly pocket $12+ for itself. They will likely claim the regulatory compliance cost is high and while this is partly true, 12% is astronomically high by any standard.

LaunchGood, JustGiving, DonorBox, GoFundMe

There are also several crowdfunding platforms today.

LaunchGood2.9% credit card processing fee + 0.30 cents
JustGivingbetween 1.9%-2.9%
GoFundMe2.9% credit card processing fee + 0.30 cents
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