# 3: Qurban in Gaza

APPEAL: 21 DONORS for 3 Cows to donate HK$3,996 (£343) each*

In 10 DAYS: 28+ DONORS for 4 Cows + 2 Goats!

We iA fed 7000+ persons (widows, orphans, poor & needy) in Gaza on Eid-ul-Adha (20-22 July 2021)

Sxxd xxxxi107
Rxxxxa (£30)330
Sxxxxl Hxxxxd1,000
Axi Axxxn1,800
Kxxxxd Mxxxxxx2,000
Sxxxxa UK (£212)2,332
Sxxxxa Auntie UK (£343)3,773
Sxxxxxa (Sxxxxl Axxm) UK (£343)3,773
Sxxxxa Axxxr UK (£343)3,773
Kxxxxxxh UK (£343)3,773
Sxxxxxxh Wxxxe UK (£343) 3,773
Sxxxxxa Hxxxxn UK (£343)3,773
Mxxd Fxxxm4,000
Mxxxb Hxxxxn4,000
Yxxxxf & Rxxxxa UK (£686) x 2 Shares7,546
Axxxxh & Jxxxxxh x 3 Shares11,988
Mxxxxl x 4 Shares15,984

Update: 21 July – 11th Zhul-Hajj

100% Donation Policy + 100% Transparency

ITEM (Assuming 6 per family & 1kg per family, 6,978 persons fed)COSTS(US$)
Goat 1:450
Goat 2 450
4 x Cows (536+525+523+531= 2115kg Gross (1163kg Net)13,423
ITEM (Cost Per Cow & Per Share)US$
Net Costs of 4 Cows + 2 Goats (excluding costs) 13,669
US$3417 or £2492 or HK$26560.87 Per Cow
US$488 or £356 or HK$3,794 Per share
US$450 Per Goat
ITEM100% Paid by The Gaza FundUS$
Costs: Slaughtering, Cutting, Packaging, Transport & Volunteers, etc.,US$-654
ITEM (Amount Received in Donations)US$
Amount Received (HK$113,253)14,594
Amount Spent13,669
Surplus received and re-directed to other Gaza Aid projects925
ITEM (Amount Remitted to Gaza)US$
Sent to Gaza on 10/6 (HK$116,400)15,000
FINAL BREAKDOWN (Date: 21 July – 11th Zhul-Hajj)US$
Cost of Qurban13,669
Slaughter Exp (HK$5075) – 100% Paid by The Gaza Fund-654
Transfer Costs  (HK$7092) – 100% Paid by The Gaza Fund-914
Total Cost: Qurban (4 Cows + 2 Goats)15,237
Slaughter Expenses (HK$5075) – 100% Paid by The Gaza Fund-654
Transfer Costs  (HK$7092) – 100% Paid by The Gaza Fund-914
 TOTAL -1,568

Note: The cost of slaughtering, cutting, packaging, transport & volunteers (for 7,000+ persons) i.e., expenses of US$150 per cow and the additional cost of bank transfers (6%) will be paid for, 100% by The Gaza Fund, out of its own pocket (net costs: US$1568).


  • 1 Cow in Gaza (530kg) Cost: HK$26,560 (or £2492) – consisting 7 portions.
  • HK$3,417 (£356) each donor x 7 portions = 1 cow (Approx. 550kg)
  • 291kg Per Cow (Net after Slaughtering) x 4 Cows = 1166kg
  • 1kg feeds approx. 6-person meal
  • 1,166kg x 6 persons = 6,996 persons

Livestock farms in Gaza were either destroyed by Israel’s attacks, or cows, goats and chickens do not survive from a lack of food and water in Gaza  (note: 97% of water in Gaza is undrinkable).

Dependent on Israeli imports, exorbitant prices charged by Israel and taxes on livestock imports, let alone poverty and the ongoing siege, the price of Qurban in Gaza is the highest in the world!

QUESTION: I can spend the same amount & get 4-5 shares or more, feeding more people elsewhere, instead of only 1 share in Gaza feeding less people.

Fact #1: Most Qurban suppliers elsewhere often arrange a medium-sized animal (small calf or buffalo, not always cow) within a lower price range, to secure as many Qurban as possible.

Fact #2: If everyone focused on countries with the cheapest meat, what about our brothers and sisters in Gaza who can’t afford meat?

Fact #3: This is about feeding more people, already being helped (and cheaper to help) VERSUS feeding the people of Gaza who are usually overlooked (because much more expensive to help)

Fact #4: Hasanat (reward) is not only based on the number of people we feed – but how much it helps alleviate hardship, for those most neglected. Its quality, not just quantity.

Fact #5: People in Gaza don’t get to eat meat for months, if not years.

Fact #6: Remember, “Qurban” does not only mean slaughtering an animal but it is about making very tough choices – like Ibrahim A.S (may Allah be pleased with him and his family) did when he was asked to make the greatest, most precious sacrifice of his life. So let’s revive a true Sunnah.

Fact #7: From the suffocating economic blockade, to poverty, and high unemployment rates, rising food prices to lack of water to grow local crops or manage livestock farms, and thus, reliance on Israeli imports. Food insecurity is a big issue in Gaza, unlike almost anywhere else.

Smuggling lamb using tunnels; Photo Source: The Guardian UK

Alternatively, for a list of charities that are active in Gaza that offer Qurban, please click here.

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