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From the inhumane siege and sanctions to the indiscriminate bombings of Gaza for the last 18 years by Israel, we need to help 2.3 million people (including 1 million+ children) in Gaza.

At The Gaza Fund, we are guided by the saying:

You can’t change the world but you can change the world of a single person.

Granted, helping Gaza when the world largely ignores it means we risk isolating ourselves.

But if we and others don’t help, who will?

Thus, on 29 January 2021 we launched The Gaza Fund to help those most in need.

Instead of giving out water bottles, we are installing advanced water filters so that far more people benefit. Instead of handing out money for expenses, it is far more beneficial paying for children’s education and learning tools so that the next generation of children will not be left to languish.

100% donated funds are sent to Gaza for food, aid, water, shelter, education & medicines.

If there is an established charity on the ground carrying out similar projects to ours, it is imperative to lend support rather than compete with each other for funds. Unless we commit to a fraternal approach, we will collectively fail in our goal of making a difference in Gaza.

Just as importantly, our sustainable objective is not just to “give Gazans a fish to eat but enable them to fish”, to paraphrase what Confucius once said.

To this end and to further advance our objectives, The Gaza Fund not only focuses on charity but engages in:

actionable research, advocacy and campaigning to help Gaza achieve independence from aid and throw a little wrench in the gears of the illegal blockade, sanctions, siege and occupation.

Can we change the world?, no. Can we change the world of a single person, Yes!

To contact us, please click here (quicker response time) or email wutokbong@gmail.com

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