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100% Donation Policy

From Covid-19 to barbaric and indiscriminate bombings by Israel and its global enablers and the continuing inhumane Israeli blockade, we need to help our brothers and sisters in Gaza, Palestine.

100% of donated funds are sent to Gaza for food, aid, water, shelter, education & medicines.

We operate as a charity (100% Donation Policy); and separately, a self-funded research institute focused on highlighting the grotesque human rights violations inflicted by Israel and its global enablers.

Between 28 Feb-27 June 2021 (in 4 months), we raised HK$654,049 (US$84,007 or £61,691) mainly from HK(70%), UK(28%) and elsewhere (2%) for Gaza.

At The Gaza Fund, we are guided by the saying:

You can’t change the world but you can change the world of a single person.

The situation for people living in Gaza for the last 14+ years continues to go from bad to worse.

Granted, change in Gaza will come at a glacial pace, and we risk isolating ourselves for struggling for it but if we don’t do it, who will?

Thus, on 28/2/2021 we launched this fund to help those most in need.

Instead of giving out water bottles, we are installing advanced water filters so that far more people benefit. Instead of handing out money for expenses, it is far more beneficial paying for children’s education so that the next generation of children will not be left to languish.

Every cent received in Sadaqah or Zakah is spent on aid while every dollar spent on expenses (foreseen and unforeseen) is paid 100% by us at the fund, to ensure a 100% donation policy. Every cent is reliably tracked, spent on Gaza and its people; and accounted for on this website.

In the end, the objective of the Gaza Fund is not just to “give Gazans a fish to eat but enable them to fish”, to paraphrase what Confucius once famously said.

Can we change the world?, no. Can we change the world of a single person, Yes!

Please therefore donate however much you can. To make a donation in HK$, Euro €, US$ or GBP£, please click here (quicker response time) or email wutokbong@gmail.com or contact@thegazafund.com (in Hong Kong)

The acts most pleasing to Allah are those that are done continuously, even though they are small (Sahih Muslim)

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