Statement on Gaza I


The quest to bomb, besiege, bully and blockade Gaza out of existence

17 May 2021: While we unreservedly condemn violence on all sides, it is illogical to compare rocket attacks targeting Israeli civilians by Hamas with Israel’s disproportional use of fighter jets, hellfire missiles, Merkava 4 tanks, missile boats and helicopter gunships, that has caused thousands of Palestinian lives and untold civilian infrastructural damage, over the last twenty years.

Hamas has committed attacks on civilians does not erase the fact that Israel’s egregious violence violate basic humanitarian laws regarding proportionality.

In fact, the UN Charter forbids acquisition of land by force, the Geneva Conventions forbids banning refugees from returning to their homes, UN resolutions and international law charters forbid occupying armies from settling their population on seized territories. Worse still, the suffocating land, air and sea blockade on Gaza, the world’s only open air prison remains the epitome of Israel’s moral bankruptcy.

Silence is consent therefore the question is no longer where or when to act, but how will we respond?

Where the UN, OIC, Gulf Cooperation Council, US Congress, UK Parliament, mainstream media and countries with economic ties with Apartheid Israel have all collectively failed, we urge the International Criminal Court (ICC) to proceed with its now iron-clad indictable case against Israel (and its enablers) for its continuing unabated list of war crimes.

The Gaza Fund