Seeking Volunteers

“The international media and [the] government are not going to tell us that we are effective, important, justified in our work, courageous, intelligent, valuable. We have to do that for each other, and one way we can do that is by continuing our work, visibly.”

Rachel Corrie:10/4/1979-16/3/2003

The Israel-Palestine issue is a 75-year old insidious genocide on slow burn.

If you are able to devote as little as 3-5 hours a week, with the strong belief you can play a role in bringing the siege, apartheid and illegal occupation to an end, we need you.

The only hiring criteria we have is that you need to believe in yourself and the human rights cause this involves, come what may.

In the end, The Gaza Fund (which has a strict 100% Donation Policy) is not just about raising money to fund poverty projects but we are equally interested in making a real measurable difference through our evidence-backed research, targeted advocacy and rights campaigning, on steroids.

  • Therefore, if you are good with: Arabic or Cantonese or Putonghua, or with social media, or with accounting or with research, WE NEED YOU!

Palestinians needs us. We need a free Palestine. If you too, believe this can be made possible in our lifetimewe need you.

To volunteerplease click here to get in touch (quicker response time) or email


The Board of Trustees is The Gaza Fund’s highest governing body, responsible for overseeing operations. The Board needs to be made up of three to seven members who each bring a diverse set of skills and experience to the Board. A term for The Gaza Fund trustee is four years. Elections will take place at the end of each four-year term and additionally if a place on the Board becomes vacant in the middle of a term.

Members of the Governing Board:

  • Director, Impact & Accountability (Gaza)
  • Director, Community Fundraising (Hong Kong)
  • Director, Research & Advocacy (Remote)

Key Responsibilities:

  • To make sure we meet or exceed the regulatory requirements as a charity
  • To ensure all activities are in line with meeting the stated aims, goals and objectives as set out in our governing documents
  • To help advise and set medium to long-term priorities and objectives
  • To evaluate performance and progress
  • To approve any new policies and procedures
  • To appraise the management team and be involved in appointments and dismissals

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