2021: 4th Water Filter

Late May 2021: We started an appeal for our 4th advanced water filter.

Late June 2021: In less than 1 month, we raised the required amount and started looking for a location for the water filter.

Like the first 3 water filters, it is often best to install it at a refugee camp (x 1), hospital (x 2) or in this case, outside a Masjid (Al-Rawah Mosque – Rafah), to benefit everyone and anyone.

Once launched, up to 4,000+ people daily, living close to the masjid will have access to clean filtered water, iA.

Sxxh Family (Sadaqah)28/5/20211,000
Fxxxxl (Dubai) – US$485 (Zakah)28/5/20213,763
Rxxxa (Sadaqah)15/6/2021500
Axxxxxn (Sadaqah)23/6/20211,000
Sxxxxxa (Sadaqah)26/6/202148,000
Mxd Kxxxl (Sadaqah)27/6/2021500
Axxs (Zakah)14/7/20212,900
Sxxxd Ixxxxl (Zakah)15/7/2021500
Fxxxxl (Sadaqah) 15/7/20211,000
Nxxxxl Hxxxxn (Sadaqah)18/7/20212,000
Ixxm Txxxxl (Sadaqah)20/7/20211,000
NET TOTAL:US$8,011HK$62,163

1 August: Due to the blockade restricting the import of key parts for the water filter and repeated delays remitting money into Gaza, this project has been slightly delayed. We are aiming to complete the project by mid-to-late August 2021, iA.

20 Sept: The installation will be completed this week and launched this coming weekend, iA.

Short Video on the 4th Water Filter at a Al-Dawa Masjid, Rafah, Gaza Strip

Ongoing Aid Programmes

The advanced water filter costs US$7,000 but we managed to raise US$8,011. The extra US$1,011 will therefore be allocated to other ongoing aid programmes in Gaza. Details to be posted on this page by September 2021.

On 20-21 August 2021, we completed the Qurban project and incurred savings of US$925 from the project. The money belongs to the donors therefore this will also be added to other ongoing aid programmes in Gaza.

Qurban Project (Surplus Cash) 22/7/2021925
Gaza Aid (Ongoing Projects) 1,011