On Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism and any form of verbal or physical abuse against Jews is abhorring but it is reductive if we have to make this qualifying statement every time we criticise Israel and its apartheid policies.

The Gaza Fund unequivocally maintains:

1. all forms of bigotry, racism, discrimination, and hate, including Anti-Semitism is wrong and abhorrable.

2. being anti-Zionist is not the same as being Anti-Semitic.

3. the majority of Jews are not Israeli, and not all citizens of Israel are Jewish. Not all Jews are Zionists; and Israel does not represent or speak for all Jews.

4. criticism of the State of Israel is not Anti-Semitic, in the same way that criticising Narendra Modi in India is not equal to attacking Hinduism. Condemning Myanmar is not the same as criticising Buddhism. Criticising Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with being critical of Islam. Criticising US/Europe for its litany of human rights violations is not related to Christianity.

5. the most consistent stance against Anti-Semitism is to stand in solidarity with all struggles for justice against all forms of racism, discrimination, bigotry, oppression and injustice, everywhere.

Definitions of antisemitism that treat criticism of Israel or of Zionism as inherently antisemitic are inaccurate and harmful.”

jvp.org/antisemitism – Source: Jewish Voice for Peace
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