Statement on Gaza II

The quest to bomb, besiege, bully and blockade Gaza out of existence

Friday: 13 October 2023: What happened in Israel and the illegal settlements located within the occupied Palestinian territories on 7-8 October is tragic but it is important to have proper context when reporting about what goes on in Israel and Palestine.

For years before Hamas launched its jaw-dropping operation against Israel on 7 October, the world was mute and blind to:

  • 18 years of blockade, sanctions and siege of Gaza
  • periodic bombings on civilian infrastructure in Gaza
  • near daily assaults of Palestinians in Al-Aqsa
  • building and expansion of illegal settlements
  • demolition of Palestinian homes and seizing of Palestinian lands
  • detention and murder of young Palestinian children
  • unrestrained settler violence against Palestinians
  • extrajudicial killings of Palestinians in broad daylight
  • night raids into homes located in Occupied Palestinians Territories
  • 56 years of illegal occupation of West Bank & East Jerusalem
  • violation of UN Resolutions, ICJ Rulings and Geneva Conventions.

Regrettably, when the tables turned on Israel, the world suddenly found the abhorring violence Israel endured incomprehensible and shocking, terror and violence Palestinians endure near daily. Over 572 Palestinians have been killed between January-September 2023 in attacks by Israel but they hardly made any headlines, a banal occurrence that has lost its shock value.

Avenging 1300 Israeli deaths in 7 days since, Israel has now more than doubled the death count1 in Gaza, not including the tens of thousands Israel has killed over the last 75 years across Palestine.

In the absence of international action to end the Israeli bombings, the illegal occupation, debilitating siege and blockade of Gaza let alone unconscionable impunity for Israel’s war crimes by its allies, it is regrettably clear even before the smoke clears, resistance in one shape or the other will only mutate and continue.

It is therefore important steps are taken urgently to avoid further bloodshed and for peace to be given a chance by ending the occupation, bombings, siege, sanctions and blockade of Palestinians today.

The Gaza Fund

Disclaimer: We stand in solidarity with all struggles for justice against all forms of hate, discrimination, oppression and injustice, everywhere, including Anti-Semitism, and long for the day when the bombings, siege, sanctions and embargo will end.

  1. With 2,500+ Palestinian dead (as of 15 Oct 2023), the death count has more than tripled ↩︎