Our Expenses

At the Gaza Fund, we have a strict 100% Donation Policy.

To ensure this goal, we at the Gaza Fund are tracking all our expenses*, which will be paid for, by us, from our own pocket, rather than the donation received.

WordPress Site (50% off – HK$368)47.418/3
Engineer (to oversee procurement) – 2 filters4004/2021
Transportation 1004/2021
Two x Volunteers (2 days)2004/2021
Others (Banner, Car rental, Boxes, Plastic bags, Stickers)2004/2021
Cash Transfer Fees40029/3
Engineer (to oversee procurement) – 3rd filter2006/5
Photos/Videos (Project #1)1505/2021
Transport, Banner, etc., 1005/2021
HK$265 X 5 Bank Fees (12+19/2; 8/3; 24+25/5)170
Cash Transfer Fees3506/5
Cash Transfer Fees @6% (Project #2)144826/5
Photos/Videos (Project #2)35031/5
Uniforms x 4801/6
Slaughter Expenses (Project #3)65421/7
Cash Transfer Fees (6.1%) – HK$7,09291410/6
FX Loss(HK$2816)36310/6
Expenses: 100% paid for – by The Gaza Fund

Axxf – 11 May 2021 – (HK$700)90
Axxf – 27 June 2021 (HK$400)52
Net Expenses (Deficit)-US$6,281 or -HK$48,772
Voluntary donations received for our Expenses Fund

Donations Received (#Project 1)US$26,24415/3/2021
Top-up (to round off to US$26,250)US$616/3/2021
Expenses (Paid 100% by The Gaza Fund)-US$1,647.415/3/2021
New Donation Received (#Project 1)US$7,1506/5/2021
Expenses (Paid 100% by The Gaza Fund)-US$9706/5/2021
Net Donation Received (#Project 2) US$22,92826/5/2021
Expenses (Paid 100% by The Gaza Fund)-US$1,44826/5/2021
Expenses (Paid 100% by The Gaza Fund)-US$43031/5/2021
New Donation Received (#Project 3)US$14,59410/6/2021
Expenses (Paid 100% by The Gaza Fund)-US$156810/6/2021
New Donation Received (#Project 4)US$8,01121/7/2021
Expenses (Paid 100% by The Gaza Fund)-US$36314/7/2021
Total Donated & Spent (100% Aid)US$78,933
Total Donated & Spent (incl. expenses)US$85,359.485,359
Total donations received and distributed so far + expenses incurred and spent thus far

Surplus Cash in Hand (Approx.)US$353April 2021
Extra Cash for Future ExpensesUS$5616/5/2021
Balance Total: US$193
Cash Surplus Balance in hand (Belonging to The Gaza Fund)

*The costs for delivering US$78,933 worth of aid to Gaza is -US$6,427 (-HK$49,873)

Put simply, we have a cost base of 8.1%.

However, every cent of -US$6,427 is paid for by us, out of our own pocket – while 100% of what is donated by our donors goes to the people of Gaza.


The Gaza Fund has a 100% Donation Policy, with no ifs and buts.

Having said that, delivering aid cost money, ranging from Support Costs such as finance & IT to Governance Costs such as monitoring aid is being properly distributed to audit & legal fees and Staff Costs such as token salaries and paid volunteers’ one-off compensation.

Still, our goal is to minimise our expenses to 5%, but not at the expense of turning a blind eye to inefficient distribution or slippage.

To support us therefore, kindly consider adding up to 5% to every donation you make (optional).

Else, we will continue to fund The Gaza Fund out of our own pockets, for as long as we possibly can, iA.

If you wish to donate towards the expenses fund, please click here (quicker response time) or email wutokbong@gmail.com (in Hong Kong).

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