2022: Family Support

Receipt from the local council managing the renovation and repair work.

In mid-May 2022, we launched an appeal for an urgent house renovation project (US$5000) for a poor family in Gaza with 7 children, one of whom has a severe medical condition.

The small (60m sq. or 645 sq. ft) house was in a poor condition with minimal basic furniture, poor mattresses, standing room kitchen, broken toilet door, several cracked walls, a leaking roof, causing water leakage throughout the house. Thus, the family needed urgent support especially with growing children (including adolescent girls requiring privacy).

In line with our Use of Images Policy, no photos of her children or of the sister is published on this website, as The Gaza Fund is against the use of images to bolster fundraising.

For donors interested in finding out more, please email us here. We however ask photos and videos of any vulnerable Palestinians, including women, girls and children – are not circulated online.

Abu Hurayra reported the Prophet (PBUH) said
“The person who strives on behalf of the widows and poor is like those who strive in the way of Allah and like those who fast in the day and pray at night.”

Early June 2022:

We managed to successfully raise 42% (US$5,000) of the funds needed or US$12,000 in net total to start the renovation work. The balance 58% i.e., US$7,000 came from other charities in Gaza.

Early July 2022:

We managed to shortlist the contractors and procure the best quote for the supplies and equipment.

Late July 2022:

Construction has started and is expected to be complete by late August 2022, iA.

Late August 2022:

Project Complete.

On behalf of the family and from The Gaza Fund:

Thank you individual donors from HK & UK. Allah rewards best.