2023: Helping Gaza

9-13 MAY:

Just over 2 weeks after Ramadan, Israel launched unprovoked airstrikes on Gaza, resulting in the death of 6 PIJ members. Between 33-34 people were killed including 2 elderly, 3 women and 6 children and dozens of innocent civilians (men).

As a result of the airstrikes, Gaza once again suffered from substantial infrastructure damage. In fact, apart from the tragic deaths in Gaza, there were also thousands of injuries and tens of millions worth of property damage:

14 MAY:

Following the end of the 4-5 day airstrikes, we launched an appeal. In less than a week, we raised US$5,000 from 8 individual donors:

DonorHK$2023 (Sadaqah)
Mxxxxn1,00014 May
Yxxxr Nxxxxd30014 May
Mxxxxxl20,00015 May
Mxd Sxxxb Sxxxxl 4,200*15 May
Mxd Sxxxb Sxxxxl 50015 May
Axxxx Cxu5,00016 May
Fxxxxxh 3,00019 May
Hxxxn Dxxxxh3,00019 May
Sxxxxq1,99619 May
GRAND TOTAL:38,996US$5,000

20 MAY:

We have since identified an old elderly lady who lives with her unemployed daughter, and allocated a daily budget of US$7 per day (US$2,555 p.a) for their daily meals for 1 year.

Separately, there is a 6th year, final year, 22-year old, female medical student (name withheld) that is struggling and needs help with part of her university fees, for her Bachelor of Medicine Degree. We have allocated US$1,000 towards this.

As for the balance US$1,445 we are currently reviewing projects on a case-by-case basis and will provide updates accordingly.