2021: Support Gaza

We launched our #2 Project: Support Gaza on 11 May 2021.

  • 1000+ homes were destroyed, making over 6,000+ people homeless. A further 14,000 homes are damaged, affecting 84,000 people.
  • Tens of thousands are in UN-shelters with extremely limited facilities.
  • Health systems, supplies and personnel have shrunk in size while demand for emergency healthcare has risen.
  • Water, sewage treatment, electricity was a big issue before. It is worse now.

Any donations we now receive is being channeled to this project and distributed to only civilians directly affected by the indiscriminate airstrikes in Gaza (to provide for emergency food & shelter) as well as provide emergency medicine and fund medical supplies.

For our Gaza Statement, please click here

Like the Ramadan 2021 Project (HK$258,945 or £23,976 raised in grand total), our donors for this project can expect 100% transparency.

Axxs (Sadaqah)11/5/2021HK$5,000
Mxxxxn Lxx (Zakah)12/5/2021HK$11,144
Shxxxd (Sadaqah)12/5/2021HK$200
Jxxxd (Sadaqah)12/5/2021HK$2,000
Cxxx Hxi (Sadaqah)12/5/2021HK$97
Nxxxa (Sadaqah)14/5/2021HK$3,000
Fxxxxxa (Sadaqah)15/2/2021HK$500
Axxxx (Sadaqah)15/5/2021HK$5,000
Hxxxn Dxxxxh (Sadaqah)15/5/2021HK$2,000
Dxx1 (Sadaqah)16/5/2021HK$1,000
Dxxxxd Mxxxk (Sadaqah)16/5/2021HK$15,000
Sxxxxd Axxxd (Sadaqah)16/5/2021HK$6,300
Axi Bxxi Uxxxxh (Sadaqah)16/5/2021HK$500
(Mxm) Mxxxxm (Sadaqah)17/5/2021HK$5,000
Axxxa (Sadaqah)17/5/2021HK$1,000
Sxxxxxxh (Sadaqah)17/5/2021HK$5,000
Mxxxxn Kxxn (Sadaqah)18/5/2021HK$1,500
M Axxm (Sadaqah)18/5/2021HK$1,000
Axxxxa (Sadaqah)18/5/2021HK$500
Axxxxxf (Sadaqah)18/5/2021HK$1,000
Axxxxxn (Sadaqah)19/5/2021HK$1,000
Axxxxxn Mxm (Sadaqah)19/5/2021HK$1,000
Mxxxa (Zakah)19/5/2021HK$5,000
Sxxxxxh (Zakah)21/5/2021HK$2,000
Mxxxxxxd Ixxxxq (Sadaqah)21/5/2021HK$2,000
Txxa (Sadaqah)23/5/2021HK$5,000
Far East Dev. Foundation (UMAH)24/5/2021HK$63,800
Sxxxxq (Sadaqah)24/5/2021HK$508
Nxxxxxi Kxxxxt (Sadaqah)25/5/2021HK$5,000
Rahma Charity, Chennai (Zakah)25/5/2021HK$25,875
Total (US$22,928):HK$177,924
US$5672 in Zakah + US$17,255 in Sadaqah

11 May 2021: Approximately US$7,000+ of our funds in Gaza is being used for emergency aid relief work. Once a similar amount is raised again in a few weeks, we will top this up.

15 May 2021: Despite the ongoing assault on Gaza, our volunteers are periodically going out whenever safe, to distribute cash to those made homeless and seeking shelter at the UN facilities/schools.

25 May 2021: In two weeks, we raised a grand total HK$177,924+ (US$22,928) for Gaza, or just over 3x our initial target but still a droplet in an ocean of what is needed in Gaza. May Allah reward all the donors and volunteers many folds.

Separately, in late May 2021, we helped a group of Muslims in HK send the following amount to their well established contact in Gaza. The intention is to help them save on bank and cash transfer charges (up to 13% of total proceeds) and facilitate quick delivery. As a matter of fair disclosure however, The Gaza Fund has no oversight on how the following funds are to be distributed:

Sister Ala 26/5/2021HK$15,000
Total:HK$15,000 net

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