Systematic Scrutiny of NGOs

NGOs focused on Palestine are unfairly over-scrutinised.

From discriminatory audits to investigating allegations of terrorism financing to discriminatory revocations, the disproportionate burden of proof often falls unfairly on NGOs and charities today.

Instead of using established sources of reliable information and consulting reliable experts who: (1) actually speak Arabic; or (2) have expertise in the history or politics of the region; or; (3) have actually visited the region for research purposes, government agencies and banks lazily rely on biased opinions of media sources and  fake “terrorism” experts that have a history of pushing disinformation, anti-Palestinian stereotyping and alleging links between charities and terrorist organizations around the world. 

It is a box-ticking strategy that leads to arbitrariness and little else.

To overcome this, NGOs and charities ought to demand access to risk-assessment documents, which are key to understanding how government departments assesses terrorism-financing risks. To withhold this information from charities best proves this is nothing but a witch hunt against NGOs focused on Palestine, or Muslims.

The Gaza Fund’s position: 

As an independent charity and human rights campaigner, we reject violence. We advocate peaceful way of ending the illegal occupation and securing rights of the voiceless, however much effort is made to baselessly demonise NGOs and charities like us and connect the work of NGOs and charities like ours to terrorism, extremism or antisemitism.