2021-2024: Education


Language training to help pass the stringent German-language requirement TO PURSUE UNIVERSITY STUDIES, FOR FREE IN GERMANY.

Since all German Universities are free only for fluent German speakers (regardless of local or foreign citizens), our goal is to ensure 15 bright Palestinian students master the German language to qualify for university studies at world-class German universities. Many Palestinians have eventually gained German citizenship (giving them the flexibility to travel) and return/exit Gaza to serve Palestine.

By enabling 1 bright student, we can often empower 1 family in Gaza.

Unlike food, water and medicine, etc., (short term one-off projects), education is a long-term, lifelong, high-impact project.

1 Aug 2021: We decided to launch this milestone project in Gaza, a three-year high impact project. We will identify 3-5 bright Year 9 Secondary Students in Gaza and help them secure university scholarship, by organising German-language tutoring.

6 Sept 2021: After 4 weeks, we were only able to raise 62% of the amount – seeing how most people tend to prefer donating towards food aid, shelter & medicine, rather than education. As a result, we reached out to existing donors to offer a full refund.

6 Sept 2021: An existing donor in Hong Kong volunteered to generously donate the remaining balance needed i.e., US$2706 (HK$21,000) to ensure this project goes ahead. Alhumdullilah, his donation alone accounts for 46% of the total funds raised. May Allah bless him and his family. Aameen

The Gaza Fund Aid Surplus1/8/20211,936
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Axxxd Gxxxxr7/8/202164.2
Wxxg HK Sxxxxa Jxxxxxxh7/8/2021128.5
Cxxw Wxxg Cxxi7/8/202164.2
Yxp Txn Yxn7/8/202164.2
Sxxxxd Axxxd8/8/202125.7
Yxxxg Sxu Kxxn11/8/202164.2
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HKWMA Mxxxxt Txxm11/8/202164.2
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Serving Islam Team14/8/202153

AMOUNT RAISED: HK$53,971 or US$7,010 or £5,000

3 Aug 2022: Following multiple challenges over the last 11-months, plans are finally afoot for the launch of German Club-Gaza (GCG), a high impact initiative of The Gaza Fund to offer German language training to up to 15 young, bright Palestinians from Gaza who intend to pursue their university education in Germany.


Put simply, there are 6-levels in the German language. Level B1 (stage 3) or B2 (stage 4) are considered intermediate levels. Our aim is to produce at least 10+ students who can attain Level C1 (stage 5) or C2 (stage 6), guaranteeing university entrance.


We are likely to be working in collaboration with WE ARE NOT NUMBERS, a leading youth-led Palestinian nonprofit project in the Gaza Strip.


  1. Finalise our list of 15 high performing students (aged between 16-18 year olds), to coincide with the start of the academic year, by early September 2022.
  2. Formally hire a teaching professional in Gaza, to help develop and plan a specific curriculum.
  3. Ask these 15 students to sign a form of commitment and they will each receive a transport stipend to cover traveling expenses to/from the language center.


Item (55 Sessions)Cost/Hr (US$)HoursTotal (US$)
Venue (55 Sessions)101201200
Language Training201202400
Soft Skills3030900
Applying for Uni. (Workshop)3010300
Transport Per Person (15 Students) 2551650
Snacks (US$0.75 Per Session x 15)55619
Coordinator (Annual Payment)10001000

1 Aug 2022: The initial estimate was US$7,010 but what we now need is US$8069.

Hxxxn Dxxxxh5/8/2022650
Axxa Wxxg18/4/20231910

5 Aug 2022: We recently raised US$780 (US$7790) but still have a small balance shortfall of -US$279 (-HK$2165) net. We will launch an appeal for this balance amount soon.

18 April 2023: A donor generously donated US$1910 towards the Education Fund, bringing the total to US$2690, or grand total of US$9,700 to-date.


Launching an education programme is never quite straight-forward.

Instead, there is a need to:

  • develop, supervise and monitor (provisional) curriculum development;
  • monitor teaching output;
  • track student ability to learn and progress;
  • interview and shortlist potential student/candidates; &
  • periodically consult with teaching professionals, etc.,

In the end:

  1. a lot of work and much time is needed;
  2. proper oversight and supervision is also needed; &
  3. a dedicated venue, budget for rent, utilities & learning tools, etc.,

which all require careful planning and expenditure of money.


At the same time, we are consulting with a Palestinian student (Mr. Ahmad) currently in Germany, who scored 99.6% in his high school exams in Gaza in 2020, travelled to Germany a year later(2021), won entrance into one of the top 5 German medical schools in 2021 (Hannover), and has completed his first year (orientation year) at that German University.

Most remarkably, he mastered the German-language from scratch in only 9 months (Level C2 or Level 6) and is generously offering advice and guidance to the #4 Sponsor Education project for free.

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