Siddiq Bazarwala is the founder of The Gaza Fund. Author, Publisher & Activist, he has spent over two decades studying the Israel-Palestine issue. He has also delivered several workshops and written several articles on the subject.

Over the years, he has also learnt first hand that while charity and aid fund relief, it does nothing to dismantle Israeli apartheid, occupation, sanctions and blockade, the penultimate aim of The Gaza Fund.

Until the displaced, dispossessed and discriminated against Palestinians who have been denied their most fundamental human rights are not accorded what is rightfully theirs, we will not give up. We  will not stop and refuse to be derailed.

  • Vacuous catchphrases will used by Israel and its army of Zionists against all volunteers at The Gaza Fund.
  • The Zionists will weaponise anti-Semitism.
  • In an attempt to demoralise or thwart our efforts, critics will demonise The Gaza Fund as classical Jew-haters.
  • To take the wind out of the sails of our struggle, our grassroots charity projects we will be accused of, and investigated for money laundering, terrorist financing or violating sanctions.


The Gaza Fund remain fiercely intolerant to all forms of racism including anti-Semitism, but do we really have to walk on egg shells and qualify every step we take fighting Israeli apartheid, occupation, sanctions and blockade by proving our anti-Semitic bona fides first?

As victims of the European Holocaust, Palestinian have been unreasonably reasonable for over 75 years. Therefore, robust criticism of Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas when necessary is entirely legitimate and the very least we will continue to do.